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Love is Where we Belong

The threats that so many face because of faith, skin colour, heritage, gender, sexuality, age and the vast list of diversity that comprises who and what we all are must no longer be provided its oxygen of hate. It is hate that feeds the xenophobia that victimizes millions around the world and those who we call neighbours. Neighbours just like our sisters and brothers killed in London this week and those witness to repugnant graffiti and vandalism in communities across Grey and Bruce Counties. 

“The Grey Bruce Labour Council is shaken to the core and beyond being heartbroken by the Islamophobic attack on a London, Ontario family this past Sunday”, says Labour Council President, Kevin Smith. “Grief stricken by this act of domestic terrorism and murder, Smith notes that our grief will soon turn into commitment as people of good conscience commit to once and for all acting to stamp out this very kind of xenophobia that takes from us, at a time we can ill afford to lose “our best” to the darkest forces in the world”.

Coming only days after the start of a month dedicated to love, Pride, and to the extraordinary accomplishments of Indigenous People honoured in Indigenous History Month brings perhaps the harshest truth to the forefront. “The truth, that we still have much work to do, but in spite of all this we know that “Love is Where We Belong. The acts, as heinous as they are, shall not force us to take one step back” says Labour Council VP for Bruce, Dave Trumble.

Labour Council VP for Grey, Chris Stephen says “in times like this we are thankful for leadership. Leadership like the Ontario Federation of Labour and the Canadian Labour Congress. The Grey Bruce Labour Council as part of Ontario and Canada’s broader labour movement is absolutely committed to doing all that can be done to combat Islamophobia and white supremacy in our communities and our workplaces.”

The pain and grief of the tragedy in London, the remains of Indigenous children found in Kamloops and the pain and suffering caused by acts such as these will linger for a very long time. In this time the Labour Council sends its deepest condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues impacted by these tragedies and commits to fighting against all forms of racism, bigotry, and hate.

“This act of hate against our Muslim brothers and sisters, friends, and comrades breaks our hearts,” said Labour Council President, Kevin Smith. “We extend our solidarity to all those who have been impacted by this despicable rise in white supremacist violence”.

In one voice, the Grey Bruce Labour Council will be heard over and over again as will no longer accept the despicable rise in white supremacist violence, nor any violence or act that demeans or undermines our sisters, brothers, comrades, friends, families and allies.

Our allies in this are many, and we see compassion in simple acts. Kincardine, likely along with many communities across our land, will leave flags at half-staff until June the 11th. This honours the family in London and continues to tell of compassion at all levels of communities.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council has been the voice of workers in Grey Bruce for over sixty years and all media inquiries are welcome.

The PWU Grieves for the Muslim Community

Discouragement, sadness, and defeat can be felt by Ontarians all around the province. On Sunday, June 6th, an unfathomable attack of terror was conducted against a family of five in London, Ontario.

We will not repeat the name of the terrorist who carried out this heinous act of hate, instead we will name the victims. Madiha Salman, 44, her husband Salman Afzaal, 46, their 15-year-old daughter Yumna Afzaal and Mr Afzaal’s 74-year-old mother were all struck by a vehicle while taking an evening stroll yesterday. The couple’s nine-year-old son, Fayez Afzaal has survived the attack and is currently recovering in hospital from his injuries.

If you are struggling with this tragedy and require assistance, we encourage you to contact your EFAP provider for support.

Should you wish to help more, here are some routes you can take:

  • A GoFundMe page has been created for Fayez, in which the PWU will be donating towards.
    • Contribute to the Fayez’s GoFundMe page:

It is important to the PWU that we emphasize that we deplore any type of racism or hate and reiterate that it has no place within our workforce. We stand in solidarity with #OurLondonFamily and our Muslim community and will continue to work to ensure they always feel safe and supported.

Jeff Parnell


Power Workers’ Union

Paramedic Week – Grey Bruce Labour Council

Subject: Could you survive an EMS shift?

Send a letter to demand more support for paramedics

Moment: Paramedic week

Action: Send a letter

The pandemic is taking a toll on a lot of people, but I wanted to focus on how it’s impacting our first responders.

During the pandemic, we’ve all focused a lot on hospitals. What gets lost are the critical moments before a patient gets to the emergency room.

Paramedics have precious few minutes to reach us in an emergency.

Fewer still to make life-altering decisions. I can’t imagine the pressure they’re under.

We owe a lot to paramedics and all first responders, especially during the pandemic.

This EMS Week, help make sure paramedics have access to all of the proper equipment to keep themselves and their patients safe.

Send a letter today and tell the government that adequate PPE is essential.

Thanks for your support.

Ford government’s Bill 124 is continuing to take its toll on our frontline workers

Bill 124 must be reversed

Dave, The Ford government’s Bill 124 is continuing to take its toll on our frontline workers by freezing wages and stopping any chance at good-faith negotiations. Twenty-four nurses in Sarnia have been forced to take strike action this week after contract negotiations with VON Canada broke down. Two years after their previous contract expired and over one year into this pandemic, nurses are still fighting to get the wage increases and overtime pay they deserve. The right to fairly and freely negotiate with their employer is a Charter right of every worker in Ontario – but because of the Ford Conservatives and Bill 124, frontline healthcare workers who sacrifice so much to save lives have had their right to collective bargaining stripped away from them. This isn’t right, Dave. Frontline workers deserve fair compensation. Bill 124 needs to be reversed immediately so that workers can negotiate for fair wages. Help us get the word out by liking and sharing our post on social media demanding better. Frontline workers across the province and across the country have already given so much just so they can get a fair contract at work. They’re already defending us from this deadly virus – they shouldn’t have to fight another battle on top of that. The public understands the vital role that public sector workers play in our society. Our leaders should be paying them fairly for their service, not introducing draconian measures that trample on their rights. Frontline workers deserve better. Join us and spread the word on social media. With enough pressure, we can force the Ford Conservatives to do the right thing and scrap Bill 124 for good. In solidarity, The Ontario Federation of Labour 416-441-2731 | 1-800-668-9138
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May is Asian Heritage Month

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To: Members of the CLC Canadian Council, Presidents of the Federations of Labour and Labour Councils, and CLC Staff


May is Asian Heritage Month across Canada; a time during which we acknowledge, celebrate and reflect on the rich history and vast contributions Canadians of Asian descent have made and continue to make to the cultural, social and economic landscape of our country.

This year, as we observe Asian Heritage Month, we also find ourselves in the middle of a pandemic and an increase in xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment and violence.

It is therefore all the more important that we continue to stand in solidarity with Asian workers and communities across Canada in denouncing and calling for an end to anti-Asian racism, as well as take this time to amplify the history of Canadians of Asian descent, and honour the tireless efforts of community members and activists in struggling for human rights towards a more just society for all.

As promised in a message from earlier this week, please find a social media banner, including sharegraphics. If you missed it, please find read and share CLC’s statement highlighting Asian Heritage Month here.

In solidarity,

Larry Rousseau
Executive Vice-President
Canadian Labour Congress
Destinataires : Membres du Conseil canadien du CTC, présidences des fédérations du travail et des conseils du travail et membres du personnel du CTC


Au Canada, le mois de mai est le Mois du patrimoine asiatique; c’est l’occasion pour nous de reconnaître, réfléchir et souligner la riche histoire et l’apport exceptionnel, passé et actuel, des Canadiens d’origine asiatique au paysage culturel, social et économique de notre pays.

Cette année, alors que nous observons le Mois du patrimoine asiatique, nous nous trouvons également en pleine pandémie, associée à une augmentation de la xénophobie et de violences et sentiments anti-asiatiques.

Il est donc plus important que jamais de continuer à se montrer solidaires des travailleurs et travailleuses et des communautés asiatiques partout au Canada en dénonçant le racisme anti-asiatique et en demandant son élimination, et de profiter de ce temps pour faire valoir le patrimoine des Canadiens et Canadiennes d’origine asiatique et honorer les efforts inlassables des membres et activistes de la communauté qui luttent pour les droits de la personne et une société plus juste pour tous.

Comme promis dans un message envoyé plus tôt cette semaine, vous trouverez une bannière pour les médias sociaux, y compris les graphiques partageables. Si vous l’avez manqué, vous trouverez ici la déclaration du CTC concernant le Mois du patrimoine asiatique.

En toute solidarité,

Larry Rousseau
Vice-président exécutif
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