Grey Bruce Labour Council Unanimously Endorses Education Workers

Nov 18, 2019
Whereas the Ontario Government of Doug Ford has acted recklessly and without concern for students, educators, education support staff, families and communities,
Whereas the Progressive Conservative government of Ontario has attacked workers in all sectors and more specifically public sector workers such as education and healthcare workers,
Whereas the policies of the Government of Ontario since the election of Doug Ford and his Caucus have potentially endangered the ability of students to acquire necessary credits to graduate and put the health and safety of educators and students at risk;
Therefore be it resolved that the Grey Bruce Labour Council provide as much material and “in kind” support as possible to education workers, students and,
Be it further resolved that the Grey Bruce Labour Council is in full support of all Education Unions and their activities to secure fair and equitable collective agreements and safe and nurturing learning environments for all students, teachers and support staff.

Dave Trumble
Vice President, Grey Bruce Labour Council

For Immediate Release-Grey Bruce Labour Council-Activist Day and Dinner

The Grey Bruce Labour Council annual day long celebration of activism and the activist awards dinner took place on October 28th, 2019. This annual event is a celebration of the best in the community of social activism and honours one such Health and Safety Activist and Labour Council Activist of the Year. The day’s guest of honour and keynote dinner speaker, Scott Travers, President, Society of United Professionals, deployed a speech that underscored how important union activism is in this day of precarious employment and exploitation of workers by employers and governments.

“The union movement is perhaps the most effective barrier to exploitation and dedicated activists across Canada are fighting back”, says Labour Council President, Kevin Smith.

A grand celebration like this does not take place without assistance and support. Dave Trumble, Labour Council Vice President, pointed to the labour council delegates that help year over year to make this event a success, the Tara Legion as dinner hosts, United Brotherhood of Carpenters 2222 as labour breakfast hosts and Bruce Power for hosting the tour of the Kincardine MCR building. During the dinner, Trumble reminded people “that the success of the Grey Bruce Labour Council is connected to community, community partners, friends of labour, but it is the ongoing support of the union affiliates that is the cornerstone of all our successes”.

Labour is always at the forefront of acknowledging those we have lost over time. October 28th was no different, but this year was indeed poignant. Thankfully there was no need to acknowledge the passing of one such member, but as Kevin Smith noted, “we had to stop to make note of our Sister, Anna Morrison from OECTA. Anna played a big part in organizing the events of the day and is a pillar of the Labour Council, but on this day, she was in hospital beginning a long period of recuperation after struck by a vehicle in Kincardine”. The council and all those in attendance hope for Anna’s fast a full recovery.

After five months, October 28th was also the first day back to work for the Ontario Legislature. Labour and activists across Ontario recognize the Doug Ford Conservatives as “the poster children for regressive polices”. In solidarity with our Sisters and Brothers on the front lawn of Queen’s Park, a rally was organized in front of MPP Lisa Thompson’s office. The Labour Council and affiliates have rallied in front of Thompson’s office and MPP, Bill Walker’s officer a number of times over the last five months. This will continue as long as necessary. Trumble has spoken at most of the rallies and the sentiment was no different on October 28th. “Doug Ford and his not for the people caucus may enact policies that attempt to undo a century of social progress, but while they do so they will face the Labour Council and workers standing in opposition all the way”.

The closing of the day witnessed the awarding of our activists. For a lifetime of effort that has kept workers safe and improved the lives of workers and the community, Sheldon Speedie of the PWU Retired Workers’ Chapter received the Health and Safety Activist of the Year award and Don Grieg of IAWAW 386 received the Labour Activist of the Year award. Smith noted “that having people like Speedie and Grieg in our community strengthens all of us and pushes us all to do better”.

Grey Bruce Labour Council Meeting Dates, 2019/2020

Sept 23, 2019, OPSEU Office, Owen Sound

Oct 28, 2019, Tara Legion, Activist Day and Dinner

Nov 18, 2019, Unifor Family Education Centre, Port Elgin

Jan 27, 2020, OSSTF Office, Chesley

Feb 24, 2020, OPSEU Office, Owen Sound

Mar 23, 2020, OSSTF Office, Chesley

April 27, 2020, Unifor Family Education Centre, Port Elgin

May 25, 2020, OPSEU Office, Owen Sound

June 27, 2020, Kincardine, Follows Kincardine Pride Parade





October 2, 2019 Message for ETT Members Concerning CUPE Full Withdrawal of Services The Canadian Union of Public Employees

Message for ETT Members Concerning CUPE Full Withdrawal of Services

October 2, 2019

Message for ETT Members Concerning CUPE Full Withdrawal of Services

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) has announced that CUPE members will be expanding their strike action to a full withdrawal of services on Monday, October 7, 2019 if an agreement is not reached by the end of the day on October 6.

ETT and ETFO extend our full support and solidarity to CUPE’s 55,000 education workers as they prepare to initiate full strike action.

Please be advised that ETT members are not in a legal strike position. If a full withdrawal of services occurs, ETT members are required to report to work unless their health and safety is affected.

Members are asked to show their solidarity with CUPE members by joining them on the picket line either before or after school.

ETT members are advised to report any attempt by their principal/supervisor to assign them work normally done by a CUPE member to their ETT Executive Officer immediately.

Members are also advised to report any situation that is deemed detrimental to the health, safety, or learning environment of pupils or staff to the Board and their ETT Executive Officer.

Further information, including specific CUPE picket line protocol, will be made available to ETT members as soon as it becomes available.