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Preview: Find out what kind of organizer you are

1 minute, 1 big question Preview – Grey Bruce Labour Council


Everyone has what it takes to be an organizer.

This quick survey will help us discover what skills you can rock on a campaign team, because we’ll need all hands on deck if a spring election is called.

Whether you’re more comfortable tweeting behind the scenes or chanting on the streets, there’s a place for you to help change your community – and move Canada forward together.

Let’s find out what you do best. Take our 1 min survey now:

Last Chance to register

Subject: URGENT: Last chance to register

Preview text: Join our digital organizing series tomorrow


Quick check-in – have you registered yet?

Tomorrow we’re kicking off our digital organizing series. The first session is Digital Organizing for Change, and it starts at 2 pm EDT.

Reserve your spot now – it takes less than a minute.

The pandemic is still raging. If an election is called soon, we’ll need all the help we can get to reach Canadians.

Organizing is hard enough as it is. (You know that better than anyone!)

Organizing for a federal election during a pandemic is daunting – but digital tools make it doable.

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Standing up for workers and their families


Income Supports

Subject: I need you to write to your MP today

Preview: Canada’s unions secured an extension for income supports for workers past this month but there’s more work to do.


With the help of the CLC who held Ottawa’s feet to the fire, the federal government has extended income support past March. They announced a 12-week extension for both the Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) and the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB), as well as an additional 24 weeks of eligibility for Employment Insurance (EI).

Let’s take a moment to recognize that the actions we take − writing letters, signing petitions, chirping on social media  − all make a difference in the fight to move Canada forward.

While the extension is a good first step, people in Grey Bruce still don’t have a job they can go back to. And those who don’t qualify for EI still need income support in the months ahead and maybe years ahead.

Tell the federal government to stop kicking the can down the road; reform EI now.

The road to recovery is long but families in Grey Bruce need financial support and stability today. They need to keep the lights on and put food on the table.

Let’s get the job done,PREVIOUS

Woman Are Organizing

Subject: Women are organizing.
Here’s the plan…


Women in Canada, including right here in Grey Bruce, are the ones who always pick up the slack – to provide care, to carry the mental load, to know what’s needed and to get it done.

Here are some things we knew were true before the pandemic started:

  • Women make 32 percent less than men;
  • Racialized women make 40 percent less than white men born in Canada;
  • For Indigenous women, the gap is 45 percent;
  • For immigrant women, it’s 55 percent; and
  • For women with a disability, it’s 56 percent.

But unfair wages are just one of the problems.

Most of the workers in Grey Bruce taking care of the elderly, children, and people with disabilities are women. A higher proportion of women also lost their jobs in the pandemic because they work in sectors and industries hardest hit by isolation measures.

More women have been diagnosed with COVID-19 than men and, tragically, more women have died as well. This pandemic is devastating a generation of working women and no one is lifting a finger to stop it.

You can choose to challenge a system that is doing nothing to help women by pledging your support to the women in your life. {Button link goes here} {https://canadianplan.ca/join-women-in-this-recovery}PREVIOUS


March 1st,2021-For Immediate Release

Grey Bruce Labour Council-International Women’s Day

The global pandemic was about to land squarely on us as we approached International Women’s Day (IWD) in 2020. Thankfully, many of the IWD events actually took place before we entered the vast uncertainty that still besets us in March of 2021. The Grey Bruce Labour Council has provided support and aided in sponsorship of IWD events in the Grey Bruce region for many years. “First and foremost, says Labour Council President Kevin Smith, the support of the Grey Bruce Labour Council is to help ensure that the very necessary services of the shelters for women and children in our region may continue to offer their care in times of great personal crisis for many.”

Anna Morrison, Labour Council Sergeant at Arms, knows very well that organized labour has played a significant part in many advances made towards equity and equality, and “IWD is a day of celebration, but like other seminal days of the year, IWD is a time to rededicate ourselves to ensuring that violence against women and children is forever irradicated.”  Labour Council Secretary, Amy Stephen adds, “for decades labour has played a significant role, but perhaps none more so than the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) Women’s Committee. The committee was formed in 1976. Members of the committee organized and mobilized demonstrations, strike support, civil disobedience, marches, and lobbies to name but a few activities. Amongst many issues we find, maternity leave, ending racist immigration policies, equal pay for work of equal value, family law reform, childcare, full access to abortion and midwifery, an end to violence against women, LGBTQ rights, and union recognition.”

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is proud to be part of the Women’s Centre of Grey Bruce’s event on International Women’s Day March 8th.  OPSEU sister and Labour Council delegate, Karen Gventer, will be hosting the “Women in the Workforce – Gender Wage Gap” breakout room on behalf of Grey Bruce Labour Council.  Labour Council VP for Bruce, Dave Trumble, notes “in further support of IWD the Labour Council is pleased to sponsor up to five (5) women to attend this event”.

Labour Council VP for Grey, Chris Stephen, looks at those whose shoulders we stand on. “So many in our society suffer discrimination, violence and much worse. Where the labour movement stands firmly for social justice and an end to violence and discrimination of all kind, labour is profoundly proud and humbled to be a partner in the celebration of all that has been accomplished because of awesome activists that have gone before us. Just as we in labour are immensely proud to be an ally as we continue to advance the causes that make our society fair, equitable and inclusive for all.”

The Grey Bruce Labour Council wishes one and all a happy International Women’s Day this March the 8th, but more importantly be prepared to speak up when injustice is taking place. Injustice abounds in this COVID-19 world as women have become even more economically vulnerable in this pandemic. We must speak truth to power to continue to empower us all in the search for fairness and social justice that IWD so embodies.


The Women’s Centre Grey Bruce Inc.

    Monday, March 8, 2021 | 8 a.m.    International Women’s DayMarked annually on March 8International Women’s Day is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity as groups come together to celebrate women’s achievements and rally for women’s equality.  Virtual EventJoin us for networking sessions where you can participate in a yoga demonstration, chat with various community agencies, and meet staff from The Women’s Centre. Keynote, Ashleigh Weeden, will discuss how COVID-19 has impacted rural women and Executive Director, Heather Sheldrick, will provide an overview of The Women’s Centre’s programs. The event will wrap-up with a silent auction chock-full of items from local vendors.  ‌ ‌ REGISTER‌ ‌ ‌ ‌     Sponsors       The Women’s Centre Grey Bruce2048 A 9th Avenue East,Owen Sound, ON N4K 3H2 See what’s happening on our social sites:‌