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Labour Day Celebrations in Port Elgin demonstrate that Labour Day is all about Community

Grey Bruce Labour Council-For Immediate Release

Labour Day Celebrations in Port Elgin demonstrate that Labour Day is all about Community.

Sept, 2017

The Unifor / Grey Bruce Labour Council Labour Day parade and celebrations held on September 4th represents not only one of the largest Labour Day celebrations in Ontario, but brings workers, families, and the general community out to honor the contributions of workers everywhere.

Despite a day that flirted with bad weather, Unifor, Unifor Retirees, Grey Bruce Labour Council delegates along with a wide variety of unions, local NDP Riding Associations, Pipe Bands, classic cars and a wide variety of community members stepped into the middle of Goderich Street to march loud and to march proud. Being part of the parade and then part of the celebrations at the Unifor Family Education Centre gives voice to a Canadian story that is over one-hundred and forty years old. According to Labour Council organizing chair, Dave Trumble, “this story is a story of heroic proportions. Defying the rich and powerful who work to prevent workers from improving their lives while the rich and powerful live only for their own greed, workers have been jailed, beat up and worse for fighting for the rights of workers. Such an epoch journey must be thought of everyday, but in this absence members of the community walk and celebrate with workers and unions to point the way to better place for everyone”.

Labour Day celebrations involving the Community just as Labour and Community are inseparable in every community across Canada. In Port Elgin one example of this is the annual Labour Day food drive for local foodbanks. Barb Dolan, Unifor organizing chair and National Director for the Unifor Retirees, points to “this great initiative”. Barb views Labour Day in Port Elgin as “the face of celebration of the workers’ rights and the brighter future that workers will see if all people work towards a fair and just society”. Dolan reports that “between Labour Day and the week long Unifor Retirees conference that 4 big boxes of non-perishable items were collected and in comparison, to last year where we raised $900.00 for the foodbank, this year we raised $2531.00”.   

Kevin Smith, Labour Council President, often refers to our partnerships in the community as the solid foundation of grassroots activism, but “when the most vulnerable in the community benefit from the partnerships on display on Labour Day it is clear that a better world where social justice and fairness is within reach”.

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