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Power Workers’ Union Sponsors Kincardine Pride


Power Workers’ Union Sponsors Kincardine Pride

The Power Workers’ Union has become a major sponsor of the Kincardine Pride Parade and Celebration!  Linda Crombeen, Chief Steward, Sector 1-6, said “We are happy to see the community support you’ve received for Kincardine Pride….and certainly appreciate the efforts of all.”

Linda Crombeen, along with PWU Stewards Jason Elliott and Tim Crawford, presented a cheque for $750 to Kincardine Pride Directors on April 25!

Tim Crawford, Sandy Blackwood, Linda Crombeen, Fort Papalia, Jason Elliott, Krista Holtby Photo by Sarah Hoyland, Simple Words Photography

Kincardine Pride Inc. wishes to thank  Power Workers’ Union for its generosity in sponsoring our second Annual Kincardine Pride Parade, to be held on June 23,  and for supporting our efforts to demonstrate that Kincardine is an LGBTQ-inclusive community that celebrates gender diversity.

Parade participants, sponsors and new volunteers are welcome! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or email us:







Hundreds of workers at the Compass Minerals salt mine in Goderich walked off the job Friday afternoon.

Hundreds of workers at the Compass Minerals salt mine in Goderich walked off the job Friday afternoon.
In total, 341 miners, electricians and hourly employees are involved in the strike action.
The company and union have been in contract talks since March. Union leaders say seniority, overtime and benefits are among the major outstanding issues.
Compass Minerals says work will continue at the site with other employees.
Forty-eight of the mine’s employees were laid off in February.