A Day After Labour Day 2018

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is again reflecting on the day that was. Labour Day 2018, as with all Labour Days gone by and all Labour Day celebrations anywhere, is the day when workers are not called upon to give of their time to march, picket or picnic, but instead are called upon to celebrate their contributions to the well being of all people by doing any or all of the above.

In the Grey Bruce region we are profoundly blessed to have many active unions and union members. However, it is not only this that underlines a day of celebration, but it is our communities, our support from the media and the people giving of themselves in all manner of volunteer contributions that improves their communities.

Thanks to the collaboration with the Unifor Retirees Chapter, Unifor and Labour Council Affiliate Unions such as OPSEU, PWU, SUP, CUPE, OSSTF, OECTA, ETFO, our Sisters and Brothers in Building and Construction Trade Unions and friends in the Pride and NDP community, as well an organizing committee from the Labour Council and Unifor/Unifor Retirees Port Elgin ON is the site of one of Ontario’s largest and most inclusive demonstrations that Labour and Community are strong and will ‘fight back when the world according to Premier Ford says cut back”.

The Grey Bruce Labour Council is proud of our community, those that stand up for their rights and those that strive for social justice. In addition, the Grey Bruce Labour Council wishes to publicly thank all those that organized, participated and supported the very successful Labour Day Parade in Port Elgin. In addition, we look forward to an ever improving and expanding day as we move forward with an agenda where workers and their needs are a priority on every legislative agenda. banner2018.jpg

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