Walkerton water tragedy produced too much red tape, says Tory MPP Lisa Thompson


ust like a Conservative or those of the conservative/neo-liberal inclination anywhere. Not an ounce of understanding or compassion. Regulations for food and water supply along with critical regulations for health and safety are all written in the blood and suffering of people/workers. Not one politician of this ilk ever wakes up and “says what can I do today to protect and better the lives of my constituents”? No, that pressure comes about because people that have witnessed and experienced injury, illness, death and loss become or join together with socially responsible people to apply the pressure to politicians of this ilk to make changes that mitigate such hardship. Thompson’s choice of words is a callous disregard for people who have died and the thousands made sick in not only Walkerton, but across the country when it comes to the need for strict regulations to protect lives. Shame on her and shame on the entire Ontario PC Caucus if the choose to remain silent on her ignorance and lack of understanding and compassion.


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