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Rally at MPP Thompson’s Office Draws Good Crowd

The Ontario Government of Doug Ford has been wrecking ball of repugnant attacks on education, healthcare, labour law, health and safety law, the environment, Indigenous relations and much more. In addition, the Ford government’s handling of the provincial coffers has lead to 60 percent of Ontario residents seeing the government as corrupt (according to recent media stories). The Ford government, elected by a minority of Ontario voters, has acted without a mandate on numerous initiatives.

The government is now taking a five month holiday from Queen’s Park. This is not necessarily bad as when they are not in session they cannot enact more regressive legislation. Legislation that hurts many, but makes the narrow cross section of Ontario Conservatives still supporting the Ford government happy. Why would this narrow cross section be happy with the most regressive government in a generation? As this narrow cross section is #notforthepeople, they will be recipients of the Ford version of the gravy train.

Rallies such as that today at #LisaThompsonnotforthepeople office and the August 13th rally at #BillWalkernotforthepeople office in Owen Sound is to tell these MPP’s that when they do return to work, we will be waiting for them and we will hold them accountable.

Many thanks to all the affiliate unions that attended today, The Society of United Professionals, OSSTF, OECTA, the PWU, OPSEU, Unifor, but a huge “shout out” to the Society for showing up in large numbers.