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Sept 16, 2019 Grey Bruce Labour Council-For Immediate Release-Election Lawn Signs

Sept 16, 2019

Grey Bruce Labour Council-For Immediate Release

Canada gets ready to go to the polls and a future for Canada that is inclusive or exclusive/progressive or regressive is on the line. In campaigning, the candidates and their leaders are at all candidates’ meetings, knocking on doors, giving media interviews and often placing signs on lawns and other spaces.

For years the Grey Bruce Labour Council has urged voters to be educated voters. Being an educated voter takes effort. Although social media will be a battleground for the candidates and the voters, it is easily corrupted and must not be the only source. We owe it to ourselves and beyond to be the most informed we can be going into the voting booth.

Statistics are often a key talking point, just as polls are during an election campaign, and if we want an inclusive and progressive Canada, we need to be educated so we can vote along the lines that will equate to inclusivity and progress. In fact, if those interested in progress, inclusivity, good pensions, environmental stewardship, fair labour laws, fully funded public services and other similar ideals all came out and voted with these ideals as their guide, the type of government that espouses regressive tactics, underfunded public services and undermining of human rights to name just a few could be kept out of office in perpetuity.

Kevin Smith, President of the Grey Bruce Labour Council, attended a kickoff event for the Bruce, Grey, Owen Sound NDP Candidate, Chris Stephen. The commitment to progress and the environment were very noticeable when Candidate, Stephen, talked about his signs. “The signs are 100% biodegradable and show a real interest in the environment and that Chris wants to leave his mark in progressive legislation in Parliament as compared to leaving his mark in the landfill”.

“Signs do not make a good parliamentarian, but when this type of initiative is visible from the start of a campaign it would be easy to support such a candidate”, says Labour Council VP, Dave Trumble.